Admissions are open from Class Nursery to Class 6 for the Academic Year 2020-21. Kindly contact the school for further details

CCTV Surveillance and Security

We know the priceless little humans whom you send to us for a considerable tenure of the day are pieces of your most loved self, and thus to keep them guarded from any harmful activities and individuals we have the school premises under constant CCTV supervision

Cameras placed on and around the school campus and its perimeter will help to prevent vandalism, break-ins, false fire-alarms, and other unwanted incidents.


Infirmary and Wellness Centre

When it’s about health, illnesses and injuries are just consequences of a playful childhood. But we as guardians, in your absence, make sure our children receive the exact treatments and at the exact times to keep them hale and hearty.

To provide emergency care for illness or injury while at school and to ensure that all our students get appropriate medicals when needed during any mishap in school, we have setup a well maintained infirmary and wellness centre.

Child Counseling

In the years of growing up, your child goes through a mental metamorphosis that only he or she himself or herself can understand other than an expert involved in the same. And to keep them free from the stresses of living life as a child or an adolescent, we do an expert in house. Its needed and Springfields Academy understands the need.

Counselors provide support to our teachers by serving an important part of the team that addresses all the educational goals and any and every needs of our students. Counselors help plan classroom and group activities that meet the needs of our students.