Admissions are open from Class Nursery to Class 6 for the Academic Year 2020-21. Kindly contact the school for further details

School Campus

We at Springfields Academy believe that the best campus is one that is enriched with happy faces, and to bring happiness to the little faces we have ensured that our campus has some best of class facilities.

At Springfields Academy we ensure every child is close to greenery and state of the art infrastructure with modern amenities

Beautiful and functional, the school campus of Springfields Academy has exciting, purpose-built school facilities that are colorful and dynamic, designed to enhance the learning experience.


Spacious and Modern Classrooms

The classroom is the kitchen where the food for the child’s mind is prepared, and the classrooms of Springfields Academy are exemplary in the way they blend space with technology.

The classroom is the positive place where a student comes to study and work towards a specific goals set for them in the class. The teacher is the positive, organized, outgoing, confident, and compassionate entity every student looks up to.

Having a positive classroom culture is one of the most important aspects of a good learning environment and thus every teacher should actively look into creating a classroom culture that encourages individual participation and students success.

Nursery and KG classrooms

The foundational years of a child are crucial in deciding how well a human he can be to the society and in building these foundational years Springfields Academy chooses qualitative facilities above all.

The classrooms of Springfields Academy are designed keeping in mind the comfort of every child and all the practical aspects of education.

All our classrooms have large and spacious windows to ensure air cross ventilation and free circulation all around.


Audio Visual Rooms

Lessons that appeal to both our senses, which is our ears and eyes are certainly better remembered. And we want our students to remember their lessons better than the others and thus we have a range of AV Rooms that have the infrastructure that can help these minds to understand the learning better.

The audio visual room of Springfields Academy is a place where the students experience learning in a much effective way. The audio visual method very much appeals to the senses. It leaves a deeper impact on a child as it involves proper attention in the act of learning and thus helps the child to retain and remember the concepts taught through these techniques.

Computer Laboratories

A computer Laboratory is the space which provides computer services in a defined format. Computer labs are generally provided under a teachers supervision by our management to students for their classes.

In the present date no child’s development is complete without them becoming deft in technology related to computers. Our computer laboratories are committed to bring that technological edge to every child’s education.

A Computer lab provide the time and space needed to develop skills not directly related to classroom curriculum. These skills can be first acquired and learned in the labarotory.


Science and Math Labs

The learning goals of laboratory experience generally includes enhancing mastery of thesubject matter, developing scientific reasoning abilities, increasing understanding of the subject and developing practical skills.

Be it data collection or studying the natural phenomenon in front of the eye, nothing can influence a curious mind better than experiments that they can take part in. That brings us to our innovative laboratories assigned to the study of Science and Mathematics in a way better than ever before.